Plant care

The Anthurium feels best at a temperature between 18 ° C and 22 ° C. The minimum temperature for the plant is 15 ° C.

The Anthurium needs a light spot but may not be in direct sunlight. In a dark place, the plant will give less flowers. Furthermore, the Anthurium does not hold a trip. Do not place the plant directly at the central heating.


In summer, once a week, and once in two weeks, water (at room temperature). You can see the plant if he needs water. The pot can not completely dry out, but must remain moist - it is then brown in color. If the plant is too wet, the soil is black.

The Anthurium is a tropical plant and is pleasant to be sprayed occasionally.

Old leaves and flowers

The Anthurium gives new flowers and leaves. The old leaves and flowers discolor over time. Yellow leaves and dull flowers can easily be removed.

The care determines the life and decorative value of the plant. If the plant has a shiny leaf and produces new flowers, you can assume that the plant is in favorable conditions. You will then enjoy your Anthurium for a long time. The flowers are very long lasting. In good care, the plant can easily flourish for three months. We wish you a lot of fun with your beautiful Anthurium!