Anthurium is a large plant species from tropical America that consists of 600 species. The gender belongs to the aronskelk family (Araceae). These plants are epiphytes with few roots. The stems are 15-30 cm long. The leaves usually have leafsticks, but there are also types that make a leaf rosette with only a rudimentary leaf stem.

The flowers are small (about 3 mm) and grow on a spatix (spatix) with (characteristic of the family) a spatha around which can have different colors. Most species have a slightly striking bract leaf that is green to black in color. In particular, Anthurium andreanum and Anthurium scherzerianum can have brightly colored bracts: dark green to white, pink, orange to bright red and purple. This color can change according to the flower stage (from button stage to flower stage). The fruits are berries growing on a fruit branch (infructescence).

In particular, the lakanthurium (Anthurium andreanum) and the flamingoplant (Anthurium scherzerianum) are offered as a pot plant or as a cut flower. Some species are also sold as leaf plants, for example Anthurim clarinervium.