Quality & Environment

Quality & Environment

Green Tint vof is labeled Fair Flowers Fair Plants. We can carry this label because we have designed our company to meet high environmental and social requirements. These requirements are verified and certified by MPS-ECAS. Green Tint has the following three MPS certificates:

MPS-A: environmentally friendly

MPS-ABC is a unique standard in the world; It acts as a measuring bar, which shows how far the business environment is environmentally friendly. This enables us to safeguard environmental performance and reduce the environmental impact of our company. This is the first step towards sustainable business management. MPS-ABC is made up of several levels: MPS-A, MPS-B and MPS-C. We are MPS-A certified, which stands for: most environmentally friendly.

MPS-GAP: meets retail requirements

Supermarkets want to buy safe, durably grown, high quality and traceable products. The European supermarket organizations (EUREP) have set themselves a number of criteria (GlobalGAP). MPS-GAP is a certificate based on the requirements of the supermarkets. In fact, a large number of leading supermarkets prefer MPS-GAP over its own label, because MPS-GAP offers more.

MPS Socially Qualified: healthy and safe working

With this certificate we show that our products are grown under good working conditions. MPS-SQ includes health, safety and working conditions. MPS-SQ is based on Universal Human Rights, Code of Conduct (Codes of Conduct) of Representative Local Organizations and International Labor Organization International Agreements. The Dutch Floral Beraad (represented by FNV Allies, Both Ends and Organization Latin America Activities) has been closely involved in implementing these International Code of Conduct (ICC) in MPS.